story behind the name

I have often been asked why I named my business “The Little Turtle Company”.

I have always loved turtles. I love the way they move slowly through life with patience and purpose – observing, waiting, trusting – so sensitively attuned to their surroundings. I love their transient nature, their ability to live both on land and in the water, and the way they carry their homes around with them on their backs – pulling themselves inward for safety whenever they sense danger or when they feel overwhelmed by their environment. I believe that, because of their longevity and their primeval existence, they carry within them a very special and ancient wisdom.

In North American aboriginal culture, the Turtle is seen as a symbol of the Primal Mother – nurturing, compassionate, gentle, kind, caring, and wise. She has a slow metabolism and moves through her life slowly but purposefully. She also has excellent hearing – listening intently and carrying a heightened awareness – sensitively attuned to all the vibrations that travel through her watery world.

It is for these reasons plus many more, that it was important I name my healing practice in honour of, and out of respect for, this beautiful ancient creature and what I believe she represents.

Each time I give an aroma massage, thai massage, guide people through a labyrinth, or facilitate a retreat or workshop, I offer it in a nurturing, gentle, kind, compassionate, caring, and intuitive way… and I hope with wisdom.

Turtles move slowly but they also hear very well, sense the vibrations around them, and are always aware of where they are. And so, like the Turtle, I like to move in a slow, calm, gentle and peaceful way. I listen to my clients – offering them my full and undivided attention, and being sensitive and compassionate to their needs.

If life is getting very hectic and you are not taking the time to nurture yourself then, perhaps like the Turtle, you need to slow down, learn to flow gently with the current of life and, find a natural pace that is more closely aligned with your unique and beautiful spirit.

I believe that, in the calm, nurturing, compassionate, gentle and peaceful way of “The Little Turtle” – through the healing modalities of therapeutic aroma massage, thai massage, retreats and workshops, and labyrinth walks – I can help you to reduce stress, maintain harmony and a healthy balance in life, and enjoy optimal physical and emotional well-being.