hot stone therapy

Sekoiaa, a Certified Hot Stone Therapy practitioner and owner of The Little Turtle Company, offers Hot Stone Therapy treatments, combining massage techniques with application of heated naturally-formed basalt stones. The treatments are warming and comforting, and can assist in deep relaxation and reduction of stress.

Hot Stone Therapy has been used in various cultures for more than 5000 years. It has its roots in the Ayurvedic healing tradition in India where riverbed stones were heated in hot coals or hot water and used to massage the body. Native Americans have placed heated stones from the sun on the body to ease pain. The hot stones are also used to this day in sweat lodges. The Kahuna in Hawaii have used lava stones wrapped in Ki leaves during healing treatments. In 1993, Mary Nelson of Arizona began using hot stones during massage and became the founder of LaStone Therapy.

The basalt stones used in this therapy are extrusive igneous rock, which is formed as lava cools after a volcanic eruption. Over time, erosion carries the stones out to the sea and the constant movement of water over the stones results in their smooth texture and unique shapes. The harvesting of the naturally-formed stones does not alter the stones or the environment and ensures that the intrinsic magnetic field is left undisturbed.

Hot Stone Therapy may help to:

  • reduce joint pain, as well as back, shoulder, and neck pain;
  • relieve sciatic pain;
  • reduce menstrual discomfort;
  • improve blood and lymphatic circulation;
  • reduce stress and promote a greater sense of well-being.