labyrinth walks

Sekoiaa, a labyrinth facilitator who trained with Lauren Artress of Veriditas, is available to facilitate labyrinth walks or workshops at private retreats or special events. Please also check our Events page periodically to learn about upcoming workshops that might be occurring in your area.

The labyrinth is a powerful, meditative, and transformational tool that brings people together in community, peace, and harmony. It has only one path, which means that the way in, is also the way out. There are no blind alleys, detours, and dead ends.

By walking the path in a contemplative way, with an open heart and mind, you may discover that the labyrinth can teach you many powerful lessons. Your life is a sacred journey that involves movement, exploration, discovery, growth, change, and transformation. Along life’s path, you find ways to courageously overcome challenges, expand your vision of what is possible, learn to listen to your intuition, and to see more clearly and deeply. The labyrinth provides a quiet, sacred, and meditative space that can serve as a metaphor for your life’s journey by providing a means to move beyond ego and into the centre of your deepest self, and then journey back out into the world with more clarity and a much greater understanding of the truth of who you really are.

Walking the labyrinth clears the mind, opens the heart, and provides insight. It calms people who are struggling with life’s challenges and transitions; and it can aid in the process of healing, help with releasing grief, provide guidance through troubling times, assist in making important decisions, illuminate your purpose in life, and act as a tool for celebration and gratitude.

Our labyrinth walks are not associated with any specific spiritual belief or practice; and they may include silent and guided meditations, drumming, poetry, journaling, and music.